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About Us.

Baby, its Our World, also known as B.O.W. is a website created for the millennial women, by the millennial women.

B.O.W. was started by two young college educated women who had absolutely no background in tech. We had no idea how to create the platform we envisioned, we simply had an idea that we believed in and we hope you do too.

After 3 years and a lot of prayer, we’re finally at a place where we can introduce B.O.W. to you and the world.

We found that there was no single platform where women can upload and connect with each other in authentic and genuine ways. We were tired of having to go to a variety of websites in order to get the user experience we craved. We wanted a cohesive platform, a one-stop shop for all things women, so we created it. B.O.W. isn’t just for us, it’s for any woman who is tired of searching countless sites for content and community. No more searching, no more wasting time: Welcome, to Our World.

Meet Cassie.


Her name stands for everything we want B.O.W. to encompass (Community, Advice, Substance, Strength, Intellect, and Empowerment)

Cassie has created this perfect world for the millennial women where one can come, kick their feet up and relax. We invite you to get lost in her world, which was created specifically for you. A world where you can learn about make up and discuss the political landscape all in the same location. As well as meet your soul sister you never knew you had. We invite you to make this your world too. Create the content you wish existed.

Cassie wants users, and viewers alike to know that Baby, it’s Our World.


Who Are The Founders?

Our names are Danyelle and Dionna, and we’re two young women with a dream. We’re first time entrepreneurs, so we’re pretty nervous about presenting our first passion project to the world, but we also couldn’t be more excited. We truly love all things women and are so excited to bring to the world, what we feel is the ultimate women’s platform.

Danyelle is a lover of animals, an avid wine enthusiast and a Harry Potter nerd. She’s inspired by women doing incredible things. She’s vocal about social injustice and the power of community.

Dionna is a wanna be foodie, social media lover, and also a wine enthusiast. She’s passionate about going after what you want, and genuinely wants to see everyone succeed.