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For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: What is the purpose of B.O.W?

A: Great question! We answer that in detail below:

Q: How do you grow your brand on B.O.W.?

A: There’s so many ways! We answer that in detail below:


Q: How to add a video

A: Please watch the tutorial below:

Q: If I have a YouTube channel, can I embed my videos into the platform?

A: Absolutely. This allows you to gain exposure for your brand, as well as still earn revenue from your YouTube Channel. Eventually we will have our own platform that allows vloggers to monetize their channel, but as we are still in beta and a young platform, we don’t have that feature just yet! Please watch the video below to see how to embed your YouTube posts into our platform.


Q: How to add a blog

A: Please watch the tutorial video below!

Q: What category should I post my content in?

A: We want this to be a very organized and user friendly site. Therefore, your posts should really only fit under 1-2 topics. Think about the categories that really fit with your content. Even though you may feel like it can go to 3-4 we strongly encourage selecting the categories that fit with your content the most.

For instance, the advice column is specifically for users to ask questions to the community. If you don’t see a category on the site that you want to see, please contact us and let us know!


Q: How to Create a Group

A: Please watch the tutorial video below!

Q: How to Post in the Forum

A: Please watch the tutorial video below!

Q: How to Ask a Question in the Advice Column Anonymously

A: Please watch tutorial video below!

Q: How to Add a Comment

A: Please watch tutorial video below!

Q: Why is my video taking so long to upload?

A: Most likely because the file size is extremely large. We personally recommend downloading an application (We use Handbrake) to reduce the size of your video. It reduces file size by almost 90%! *this is not an endorsement for Handbrake, but simply a suggestion 🙂

Q: Is there a B.O.W. hashtag I can use for my posts on social media?

A: You bet! Please when posting content on your social channels use the following hashtags: #BabyitsOurWorld #LaunchBow #BOWCreators #BOWBlogger #BOWVlogger. This allows us to see and discover our users and where we look to select users to shout out on our social channels.

Q: How do I leave feedback?

A: On the bottom of the home page, click on contact. There you will be able to leave feedback. You can also leave feedback in the Forum. There’s a category titled feedback, where users can also leave their thoughts. We really appreciate any feedback you guys are willing to give! We truly want to make this site perfect for you!