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Releasing Your Inhibition : An Interview with Rashida KhanBey

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Rashida KhanBey is a woman that deserves attention. She’s a Chicago based Women’s Sensuality Coach, Motivational Speaker, Writer & Filmmaker, and she owns the #reclaimingyoursexy movement. She believes that every woman deserves to be unapologetically themselves, no matter what size, shape, or color you are and wants every woman to feel confident while they’re being themselves. I interviewed Rashida about her movement.

Angela: How did you start on this journey?

Rashida: I went to Brazil and this was my second time going, except this time I was staying for two and half three months. I wanted to wear a bikini (giggles). You know I’m a larger bodied woman and wearing a bikini is something I was never encouraged to do because my stomach wasn’t flat, my thighs weren’t toned, and all of that so I kind of never did it. Brazilian bikinis are nothing and they barely cover the important the stuff. I was out on the beach and finally had the bikini on and I was walking down the beach with one of the guys in my program and this man who was playing a soccer game, at the time, came and stopped and bowed at my feet. It was a really strange but really awesome experience to be in this country where the ideal or ideas around beauty, body size, and body image were very different. That moment was a catalyst for me to feel comfortable and truly embrace my body as it was. To wear clothes that celebrated my body vs wearing clothes that kept my body hidden. So, when I came back from my study abroad, I started to teach a movement class where I pulled a bunch of different styles together and I created a safe space for women to come back to themselves and to feel good in their bodies. So, if they wanted to make changes, they did it from a place of love versus self-loathing or fear of not being enough if they didn’t lose the weight. I decided to continue to create these spaces for women to come and dance and then it took on a mind of its own after that.

A: How important is passion in the work you do?

R: I think it’s interesting because I think anyone that wants to get into the self-help industry has to really understand that you are taking on a mountain of work emotionally and logistically just in trying to create these safe spaces for people to come and heal. I get a lot of teachers that come to take my class and one of the things I am constantly reminding them of is that healing is a never-ending journey and it’s not a destination. I don’t really believe in this concept of the healed healer versus the wounded healer, not that any of us are broken, but I think that we’re all battling and facing different challenges and different obstacles each and every day just to be able to grow. So, to feel like you have to be in some big or stagnate place in your healing journey in order to start doing this work or to start helping people is kind of a ridiculous concept. So, I think the passion just comes from that or having the courage to continue doing your own work while you’re helping people and getting to this place of doing something that you actually believe in and can do long term.

A: What do you want women to walk away with after attending one of your workshops?

R: Permission. Permission from themselves to be free, to be uninhibited, to unravel, to feel all that life throws at them and to know that they can handle it. Permission just to be fully alive and to not have to numb themselves in order to get through their day to day life.

A: What drives or motivates you?

R: I think it’s really in some ways some of the experiences I’ve had in my own life where I could have very easily numbed out, stopped trying, stopped trying to really live and really thrive. I think it’s those moments that have really driven me to continue to do the work that I do because I know that I’m not alone in some of the things that I’ve struggled with in my life. When I meet women in different places and they’re telling me their stories, I’m just always in awe and encouraged to move forward because they seek out ways to find their aliveness and vibrancy again after some really traumatic experiences, whether it be in their relationships or dealing with the effects of sexual assault or grieving the loss of a loved one there are so many things that can happen and do happen in our day to day lives. So, seeing those women really push forward and really try to find a way to thrive again after some really devastating experiences is something that keeps me going and keeps me invested into how to make this work so that’s it real and potent and has the impact that I want it to have.

A: Why is it important for women to support other women?

R: I think because sisterhood is something. I can only speak from my own personal experiences about it. Sisterhood is something that really allows for us to thrive on things women see. Especially when they see what it is that you desire from your life and to hold you accountable. When you think about the concept of having a rich life, sisterhood is a major part of that and knowing that all the relationships we have in our lives really support and enable us to be successful and to have a deep sense of security in having a community we can go to in times of well and in times of need.

A: What’s one goal you have for 2018?

R: Write more. That’s really my biggest goal right now is to write more and to be more consistent with my writing as I’ve been doing the Reclaiming Your Sexy tour I have been ripping and running. It feels like nonstop all year and I’m so grateful to meet all the women that have been signing up for the classes, workshops, and whatnot. I would just love to be able to write more and maybe even start a book.

A: If there’s any advice you could give to your younger self, what would it be?

R: You’re worthy and stop listening to people that tell you that you aren’t worthy or who try to make you feel that you’re inadequate or that you’re not enough in some type of way because they’re wrong.

A: If you could describe your business in 3 – 5 words, which words would you pick?

R: Intimate, intense, vibrant, juicy, and sacred.

A: Lastly, any holiday plans?

R: My birthday is actually the day after Christmas so it’s two separate national holidays. Right now, I’m just really excited to spend some time with my family and to do some good cooking and some eating, definitely going to do some eating. Actually, my partner and I got matching onesies and we got one for the dog, an elf outfit for the dog. I’m excited to take family photos. Our dog is a little bad so we’ll see how this actually goes.


Rashida is extremely passionate about what she does. If you’re interested in reclaiming your sexy, Rashida has released the tour dates for 2018 and she’s still adding cities. Here’s the current list of tour dates For more information you can check out her website,, you can follow her on Instagram @rashidakhanbey, and you can check out her YouTube channel

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Apps to Help You Get Healthy, and remain healthy, in the New Year

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Every year we all wind up making a list of things we want to accomplish in the upcoming year. We want to lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight, sleep better, save more money, make more friends, eat healthier, etc. Often times, however, we wind up not sticking to those resolutions we made. The University of Scranton conducted research and found that out of the 41% of people that make New Years Resolutions, only 8% actually stick to them and achieve the goals they. Since we all are basically glued to our phones, here’s a few apps that can help you stick to those resolutions.


Resolution: Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the top resolutions that many make each year. Often people look for quick ways to lose the weight or they feel like they’re not seeing the changes they want.

Snapsie is an app that allows you to take before and after pictures and pictures in between. You can set reminders on your phone to remind you of when your next progression picture will be taken. And when all is said and done, or you just want a daily reminder for how far you’ve come, you can put all of your pictures into a short video that will show off the progress you made. Often, we tend to not continue with weight loss plans if we feel like the change isn’t visible, this app will help to remind you of just how far you’ve come.

Nike Training Club

This app is a personal favorite of mine. It allows you to choose if you want to lose weight, build endurance, or maintain weight. It then lets you set your own workout schedule. All workouts are free and included in the app. Everything from yoga to kickboxing is including. Of course, for some of these workouts, you’ll need equipment like hand weights or a medicine ball. The good thing is since you do these from home you can select what equipment you have access to so you’ll get the perfect routine for you.

Resolution: To eat healthily

Eating healthy, all by itself, can help you lose weight. There have been tons of people that have lost weight simply by changing the way they eat.


Fooducate is another one of my personal favorites. You can track your weight loss, join their community and find healthy recipes. The main reason I use it is to scan foods while I’m in the market. It grades each food item scanned and gives it a letter grade. After scanning, it tells you why the product was given that letter grade and you can even check out what others think about it, especially if it’s a product you want to try out. If the product isn’t in the app, all you have to do is take a picture of the front of the box, the nutritional information, and the ingredient list. Then they’ll process it and let you know when it’s been uploaded and you can check out the food grade for it.


MyPlate is an app that allows you to track your eating habits throughout the day. You can input your current weight and your goal weight and it gives you an idea of the daily number of calories you should eat. You can input what you ate for each meal and it’ll let you know if you ate over the recommended number of calories, if you were below it, or if you were right on track.


Resolution: More Sleep

For a lot of us, sleep isn’t always a priority. We often don’t get enough sleep. Adults are supposed to get anywhere from 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. However, studies have shown that 35.3% of adults get less than 7 hours of sleep. Lack of sleep can cause a wide variety of issues. If you have an iPhone, then you already know that your phone does include a timer for sleep. It lets you put in what time you’re going to bed and when you need to get up. It lets you know exactly how many hours of sleep that is but it also lets you know how long you were active on your phone and exactly how many hours you actually got each night. However, some do use supplementary apps to help track their sleep progress.


Pillow is the ultimate sleep tracking app. It allows you to set the time you want to go to bed and when you want to wake up. While you’re sleeping, it tracks the quality of your sleep. It lets you know when you had the deepest sleep, the lightest sleep and when you were awake. You can also take power naps and recovery naps with the app as well.


Calm is another app I love to use. I use it to help me sleep at night. It has a variety of things you can do with it. You can use it for meditation if you need to focus, relax, or sleep. When you select the sleep mode, you can listen to sleep stories. It turns your phone’s screen off, so you won’t be disturbed by the light, and lets you listen to a story. The narrator has an extremely soft voice so you can fall asleep faster.

Resolution: Mental Health or Self-care

Often times we don’t have time to worry about how we’re feeling or why we’re feeling the way we’re feeling. It’s estimated that about 16 million adults have had at least one depressive episode in their life. Mental health is not usually a resolution many people make but it’s one more people should consider.

Talk Life

Often times we just need someone to talk to about the problems we have, and we don’t want them to know us personally. Talk Life connects you with a support group. You can sign up to listen to others that may need your help or you can sign up and seek the help yourself. It’s a safe place to discuss what is going on in your life with those that will understand and won’t judge you for it.

Daylio – Journal, Diary, Moods

Daylio does just what it says. It helps you to track your mood. If you’re someone that doesn’t really care to do a bullet journal then this app can help you to see when you’ve had lows and highs. You can input your feelings for each day and if you are seeing a therapist then this app can help you keep track of those feelings until your next appointment.

Calm Harm

Calm Harm is an app that is meant to help those who have the urge to self-harm. It provides different activities in order to help those that want to self-harm resist or manage their self-harming behaviors.


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Getting Hooked with Prerna Gupta

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We’ve probably all seen those ads for Hooked on Facebook and even on television. The short text conversations that turn into stories you want to know the ending of so you go to the app store, download the app, and try to finish the story to see if the person texting survives and what exactly is going on in their house, or wherever they are. I enjoy the app a lot and find that it takes up a lot of my time. I need to know how the story ends. Who’s in the basement and why are they there. I always wondered who came up with the genius idea for the app. That’s where Prerna Gupta, and her husband Parag Chordia. They’ve gotten 10 Million teens to actually read these short stories.

People love the stories because they’re short and are in a text format, so they seem realistic, and you instantly get hooked. Prerna has also worked for Smule, where she created the AutoRap app. Prerna and her husband were living in Costa Rica at the time when Prerna began to write her first novel. The novel was a sci-fi fantasy trilogy for young adults, set in Silicon Valley a hundred years in the future. However, there was something unusual about her story. Prerna’s protagonist was a dark-skinned Indian girl, like her, and this caused her to panic. There were several questions that came to her mind. Would anyone read a sci-fi story with a dark-skinned, female protagonist? How was she going to convince an agent to take a book like this seriously? Would a publisher be able to find an audience for her strange story? And, do teenagers even read?  As Prerna and her husband were working on the book, these questions continued to pop up.

After doing some traveling, Prerna and her husband decided to do an a/b test for their book, this would eventually turn into Hooked. They realized that a majority of young adult novels are being read digitally now in the U.S., and that’s increasingly happening on mobile. They knew reading wasn’t dying and also believed that there was a billion-dollar opportunity in evolving reading and that a mobile-first company that could figure out how to apply Lean Startup principles to story development might just be the next big thing — the next Netflix, the next Disney. After a year of being in Costa Rica, Prerna and her husband decided to return back to Silicon Valley where they would find a new company and redefine reading for the Snapchat generation.

They built a testing system for their stories where they took excerpts from fifty best-selling novels in the young adult space. They took the first 1,000 words of each of these novels, or about a five-minute read, and put them up on a basic mobile-optimized web reader that they had built for testing. They focused on mobile reading only. 15,000 readers were sent to their test, using Facebook ads, and they looked at the results. What they found out was amazing. There was a huge difference in completion rates, even among best sellers. There were other tests ran and completed and they finally found all of the answers to their questions.

In late September 2015, they launched a minimum viable product of Hooked, a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and to provide feedback for future product development. They would spend 2016 talking to their early readers, building product, working with undiscovered artists, and developing their catalog of chat stories. Over time, more features were added, like now readers can create their own text stories. On December 1, 2016, Hooked hit the #1 spot in the App Store. Since then, Hooked has consistently been a Top 100 app in the U.S. App Store, and it’s hit the #1 spot again twice. Hooked has also hit the #1 spot in several other countries, including France, Canada, U.K., and Mexico. By April of 2017, ten million young readers have installed Hooked within the past few months, collectively reading over 10 billion fictional text messages in the app during that time. Hooked users have also written over a million chat stories of their own, directly from their phones.

Prerna’s story is amazing and encouraging. She wasn’t initially sure of herself and the idea of having a dark-skinned female protagonist in a book. However, she was able to work the story out and put it into an app that millions enjoy today. She had no idea if the app would actually succeed but it’s constantly growing.

Hooked is available for both Apple and Android products.




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Twice the Charm with Carolyn Rafaelian

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We all love a good charm bracelet and probably all love, and collect, those beautiful Alex & Ani bracelets. The bracelets that everyone wears and shows off. They stack them and roll their sleeves back just so you can see the 10 bracelets they have on and each one means something different and is special for a reason.

Carolyn Rafaelian is an American-Armenian entrepreneur and businesswoman. Every Alex and Ani bangle comes with a “meaning card.” A Buddhist Om symbol, for example, “signifies God, higher power and the oneness of all beings in life’s cycle.” A simple sailboat charm “bestows peace to its wearer in times of change.” And this universe of good vibes encourages fans of the brand to collect them all. Rafaelian isn’t actually selling jewelry but positive energy, the jewelry just happens to be the vehicle. Rafaelian’s products let a generation that craves authenticity wear their affinities on their sleeve.

Carolyn’s father married into the jewelry manufacturing industry. Her father made costume jewelry of all kinds, but this son of Armenian immigrants was best known for American-flag lapel pins he sold wholesale. Carolyn and her four siblings were sent to the factory basement as punishment for misbehaving; strong-willed Carolyn remembers hours attaching little paper cards to the backs of ostentatious 1980s earrings. She would later go to the University of Rhode Island, then to the now-defunct for-profit American College for the Applied Arts, before moving to New York City at age 22. She worked on her first jewelry line from a Tribeca apartment above a bookstore, scoring small deals with the likes of Bloomingdale’s. She says “I created what I wanted to wear. I wanted cocktail rings. I wanted sterling silver.” At 25 Carolyn gave birth to her first daughter, Alex, and two years later she gave birth to Ani. Carolyn took up residence in a corner of Cinerama, her father’s factory. As she was filling $150,000 orders faxed in from New York, Ralph Rafaelian was trying to stay afloat, unable to compete with cheaper Asian manufacturing.

While doing this, she continued to dabble with her own label, Alex and Ani. Rafaelian patented the Alex and Ani 14-gauge expandable wire bangle in 2004; it’s one of about 30 patents the company now holds and the one she most regularly defends in court.  An early sample sale at Cinerama was so overrun with shoppers that she called the police for protection. One woman set up a lawn chair four-hours before the doors opened. Rafaelian ran into the factory to start putting together charm bracelets herself. Alex and Ani grew steadily, mostly as a concession in department stores like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom. In 2009, she opened its first retail store in Newport. Alex and Ani has growth that many entrepreneurs can only dream of. The company has had $200 million in sales, 1,000 employees and 40 retail locations in just 3 years.


Carolyn has had tremendous success and continues to juggle multiple businesses. Each business holds a place in her heart. Had she not listened to the hunch she had about opening Alex and Ani stores, her business might not have been as successful as it is today. However, she listened to it and what her customers wanted. She shows that if you have a hunch and believe in the work you do you will be extremely successful.

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Bloggers & YouTubers to Checkout this Year

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I can’t be the only person that has a list of favorites when it comes to YouTube and Instagram. The people I follow have an amazing sense of fashion and their YouTube channels cover a wide variety of topics, everything from hair to makeup and fashion. If you’re interested in following some more amazing ladies, check this list out.




Mel is a millennial fashion & lifestyle blogger. I only recently started following but her blog is awesome. Her latest blog post is about realizing that you won’t always get an apology after a fallout. She’s definitely one to watch for! You can follow Mel on the following:




Kéla Walker

Kéla is an Emmy nominated TV Host/Producer. She’s a TV/Red Carpet Host, Style Suite Contributor for Black Enterprise, and a Fashion Blogger. Kéla’s style is fun while also being extremely sophisticated. You can follow Kéla on the following sites:






Cori is a young aspiring makeup artist. She’s just about ready to graduate from Penn State in May. She does some amazing makeup routines, has shared some pranks on her friends on her channel and tells us what her favorites are. If you happen to watch Basketball Wives LA (BBWLA) then you’ve probably seen Saniy’yah Samaa. Cori is Saniy’yah’s cousin and just happens to do her makeup the majority of the time. Cori is a makeup artist that does everything from your typical everyday looks to glamorous looks and SFX makeup. You can follow Cori on the following sites

Instagram: &


Dr. Andrea Alexander

Between her hair, personality, and her clothing outside of the hospital Dr. Andrea (Dr. Dre for short) is one of my other favorite people that I currently follow on Instagram. She even makes her scrubs look extremely stylish. Dr. Andrea focuses on everything from following your dreams because Howard University was the only medical school that accepted, and how to be extremely stylish while following them. During the day she’s an OBGYN resident and at night she’s an extremely stylish woman. We also can’t forget that AMAZING hair of hers either, she’s been natural for a while now.

You can follow Dr. Dre on the following:







I can admit that I probably don’t watch Loey Lane’s channel for anything except her scary stories. Loey talks about everything from popular internet scary stories to her own personal stories. She also occasionally does hauls and lookbooks, as well. It’s always October on her channel. Loey Lane is also an author and her book is titled Haunted in Hollywood.  If you’re someone that enjoys a good paranormal story, you can check Loey out on the following sites:






Soraya De Carvalho

Soraya is a UK based fashion blogger and fashion stylist. Soraya loves experimenting with fashion and looks for trends that will last. Jaw-dropping designer pieces and flawless images make her page the ultimate style go-to and I honestly hope that I’m as stylish as her when I have kids one day. You can follow Soraya on the following:





Julie Dastine (JayHairBigga)

Her hair should probably tell you why everyone calls her bigga. I can admit that Jay gives us major hair porn. Her hair is huge and she loves it for the wildness. She’s also extremely inspirational. Jay started in the hair industry struggling and doubting herself but now owns her very own suite and is glowing brighter than the sun. She gives you everything from natural hair porn to body goals. You can check Jay out on the following:

Instagram: &


& if you’re interested in booking an appointment:

Chev B

Before Chev, I never heard of or seen, a braidless crochet. That braidless crochet puff is what gained her a huge following. Who knew that you could rock crochet braids and not have to braid your hair?

To catch more of Chev’s braidless crochet styles, and her other amazing hairstyles, you can follow her on






I consider her to be the most creative colorists. Makeba (YNotKeeb) is known for her amazing dye jobs. She shows you how to get a super fun and not ordinary color all at home. She switches it up from her curly natural hair, or wig, to vibrant colors. She also has super high energy so her channel, and all of her videos, are super fun. If you’re interested in trying a new color out, you can check out Makeba at:





Agatha Ashiofu

By day Agatha is a full-time oil and gas accountant and a fashion/beauty blogger by night. Her style is playful and colorful while also being classy and sophisticated. She loves shopping at places like eBay, Asos, Zara, Forever21, Boohoo, Sheinside, Choies, and Shoedazzle. If I could live in her closet, I would honestly. You can follow Agatha at:






Mary Taylor (MsNaturallyMary)

Mary is probably one of my favorite YouTubers. She covers everything from fashion to her relationship. If I could live in her closet also I would. She makes the simplest outfits look extremely stylish and she’s probably the only person I follow that can make an ugly sweater look extremely fashionable. Mary’s hair definitely rules her channel, however. She shows naturals how to switch it up effortlessly and how to make each wig, or protective style of your choice, your own. She also has a t-shirt line and wigs that were inspired by her amazing hair

You can follow Mary on the following:




Mary’s T-shirt Line:



Kristine is the brains behind TrendyCurvy. She started blogging in 2013 and is truly trendsetter for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes! You can follow Kristine on the following:






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Her Girl Story: An Interview with Jasmine Diane

April 29, 2018 in Uncategorized


Jasmine is a 25-year-old branding expert and style influencer. She’s been featured in Marie Claire Magazine, was on the front cover of Ink Magazine, and has worked with brands like Pepsi, Starbucks, Walgreens, Hallmark, and Dove. Jasmine recently launched the #MyGirlStory Campaign to promote girl power through positive stories along with her own t-shirt line.

Angela: How did you go from running a blog to becoming a successful branding expert?

Jasmine: So, I went from running a blog to being a successful branding expert really by just honing in on my craft. I was good at branding in corporate America without even realizing it. I just took a step back in the last 6 months to a year and started helping my friends to brand themselves. I said “okay, I have a niche for this. I know what I’m doing and they’re seeing results. How can I help more small business owners, specifically creative so makeup artists, photographers, etc? How can I help them build their brand and make it successful using the same steps that I’ve used to build my brand?” So that’s really how I got started.

A: What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start a company, a blog, or really anything that would involve branding?

J: I would tell them to definitely use their resources. You should ask questions to business owners in your field that you aspire to be like. Google is your best friend, use free resources, go to networking events, meet people, don’t be afraid to collaborate because it’s always good to get in the lead with someone who can walk alongside you while you’re on your entrepreneurship journey.

A: What made you start the #MyGirlStory campaign?

J: I started The My Girl Story campaign to shine a light on what goes through as women, as far as building confidence and just how the media really shows us how women should be picture perfect, Instagram version with the small waist and big butt or whatever. I just wanted to show real women in cute t-shirts talking about how they overcame insecurities and how they’ve learned that being them, alone, is enough. It’s just something I struggle with until recently so it was a way to share my story and hear other peoples’ stories. It’s for women empowerment.

A: If you could give your younger self any advice, what advice would you give?

J: It’s so funny because I got asked this question on a panel for a non-profit here and I remember saying, “It’ll all be worth it,” and I think that’s what I’m going to stick with. When I started blogging and branding myself, I didn’t see myself where I am today. I just kind of started because I was bored and fresh out of a breakup. With blogging, I’ve been able to travel and get good jobs, and just really see the world and see myself in a different light and I don’t think I would have advanced the way I have or be where I’m at without taking that first step and really launching my website.

A: Why do you think it’s important for women to support women?

J: It’s important for women to support other women because we need each other point blank period. For me, as a female entrepreneur, most of my clients and most of my readers, subscribers, supporters, the people that come to my events are women. So, for me, what that looks like is sharing their posts as well, coming to their events, sending encouraging words, commenting on their pictures because when we support each other we create a movement and the community thrives when women work together. When we’re adamant about supporting each other’s businesses not just with words or posts but monetarily as well.


A: What drives or motivates you to do what you do?

J: Well the good Lord. Jesus giving me motivation would probably be number one. Realizing that he gave me a purpose in life to fulfill. By sharing someone’s posts, sharing a quote, or speaking or connecting them with a business resource that they need. My purpose is my motivation. Then my friends and family. Just seeing their passion turn into businesses or watching them turn their thoughts into a dream and taking action really motivates me. I’m really motivated by the people around me who I just love so dearly.

A: What’s one goal you have for 2018?

J: One of my goals is to expand Branding with Jas. I really want to make the two I have here, in Kansas City, bigger but then I would also like to expand out of Kansas City to be able to meet new people, have new sponsors and to create the atmosphere of creativity and positivity in other cities like New York, Atlanta, LA, places that I travel to often. So that’s what I want to do in 2018.

A: Any fun plans to ring in the New Year?

J: On New Year’s Eve my boyfriend and I are doing a photoshoot then heading to church. Those are my fun plans!


You can follow Jasmine on the following sites:







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Roster Dating: What it is and why you should consider having one

December 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

The process of roster dating isn’t new but the term is. Having a roster when dating is simple. It involves multiple people you probably are attracted to. However, when you have a roster you’re more likely to not get too attached to fast. This is because you have options and are looking things objectively, hopefully. By now we’ve all seen the cuffing season “schedule” meme, if you’re unfamiliar with the term cuffing season typically happens around the holidays. People tend to look for people to snuggle with during the colder months and when it gets warmer they leave the situation alone until colder weather comes again.

From August 1 – November 30 you should’ve been building your roster and slowly cutting it down until you were settled on one person. Now, your roster can constantly change because after all we do occasionally become less attracted to people and often people don’t live up to our expectations. Men have a roster 24/7, 365 days of the year. Unless they’re dating someone they’re more than likely talking to multiple girls at a time. Dating experts have found that its best if women, at any age, also have a roster of people they’re seeing.

The term roster dating is becoming so popular that even apps have been created to help you out. An app such as Bracket dating helps you to build your roster. On Bracket Dating, dating gets turned into a tournament. You essentially build your roster or bracket in this case, and they have challenges. The ultimate winner will have messaging capabilities unlocked with you. No matter if you’re doing it on an app, or in person, your roster can consist of different people you enjoy talking to and hanging out with. During this period, you’re able to see what you do want and don’t want in a significant other. Here are a few people you might consider putting on your roster.


The one who picks your brain

This person challenges the way you think. They aren’t afraid to exchange ideas with you. This is the person you spend all hours of the day, or night, on the phone with talking about a variety of subjects. Everything from if aliens actually exist to helping you get your business plan together is on the table for discussion. We all want someone that is socially and culturally aware of the world.

The creative one

This person loves to take you to live shows or art galleries. They also don’t mind sitting with you while you read your favorite book. Everyone has a creative side to them and this person will love your creative nature. They’ll encourage you to go after those things.


The nice one

This is the person that sends you those “Good Morning beautiful” texts that we all love to receive. They care about how your classes went, how work is going, etc. This tends to be the person we friend zone because they’re too nice. This is the person that you keep around, even if it doesn’t turn into a relationship because they’re positive and love to see you succeed.


After all, is said and done, you deserve to be happy! Don’t be afraid to bench those that you’re unsure of or to simply get rid of them altogether. Even if you aren’t looking to date, you can even consider meeting these people to increase your friendship circle. You can never have too many friends.

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Your weekly news roundup

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The weekly roundup will consist of five big stories and give you the short run down in case you haven’t been able to keep up with everything going on. There will be a mix of topics but we’ll try to keep it extremely informative.


Massachusetts is approving a law to protect access to birth control

Unfortunately, a woman’s access to birth control has been a hot topic. President Trump’s administration rolled back the birth control mandate in September. This means that hundreds of thousands of women lost their access because co-pays would skyrocket. However, Massachusetts is making sure women in their state won’t go through that. Governor Charlie Baker, who is a Republican, signed the bill into law in late November. The law requires state insurers to cover birth control without copays, and it allows women to obtain up to a year’s supply at once. This means that if you’re a woman in Massachusetts you won’t have to worry about making those monthly trips to the pharmacy, which can be a pain.

Glitter isn’t that great after all  

A little glitter makes the world go around and sparkle, right? Well yes but apparently glitter isn’t that great after all.

Scientists say that all that wonderful glitter isn’t great for the environment or us at all. This is because that glitter lotion, shower gel, body sprays, and eyeshadow get washed down the drain after a long day and they can potentially enter into the environment, which isn’t good. So as much as we love glitter, the environment doesn’t and scientists believe that all glitter needs to be banned. Sorry ladies that love to sparkle.

A woman in the US gave birth after a uterus transplant

This incredible birth took place at Baylor University Medical Center, in Dallas. There’s been eight successful births after uterus transplants in Sweden. This is beyond amazing as many women wish to have children and can’t. Doctor’s hope this will lead to many more successful birth stories.


Senate Republicans passed tax bill

Early Saturday, Republicans pushed an almost $1.5 trillion tax bill through. Republicans are saying the package would benefit people of all incomes and help to ignite the economy. The Joint Taxation panel concluded the bill would worsen federal shortfalls by $1 trillion over a decade, even when factoring in economic growth that lower taxes would stimulate. With this bill, people would be allowed to deduct up to $10,000 in property taxes. This bill will also abolish the Obamacare requirement that most people buy health coverage or face tax penalties and drilling would be allowed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Another provision, knocked out because it violated Senate budget rules, would have explicitly let parents buy tax-advantaged 529 college savings accounts for fetuses, a step they can already take but which anti-abortion forces wanted to inscribe into law. There were also breaks for the wine, beer and spirits industries, Alaska Natives and aircraft management firms.


SNL’s “Welcome to Hell” skit

ON SNL last Saturday, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and host Saoirse Ronan decided to remind us that all these sexual misconduct allegations are nothing new – despite how shocking they may be. “All of these big, cool, powerful guys are turning out to be, what’s the word, habitual predators,” Aidy Bryant says. “And it’s like, dang, is this the world now?” Although the video has a whimsical Katy Perry candy land look to it, they don’t sugarcoat anything. Women have been dealing with sexual misconduct forever but now it’s really all unraveling in every field. Leslie Jones also steps in to remind everyone “it’s like a million times worse for a woman of color.” Viewers applauded the women and took to social media to respond. If you’re interested, you can check the video out below

by Angela

Stressed during the holidays? Here’s 5 apps to help you out

November 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

The holidays can be an extremely busy time for everyone. You have multiple things you have to do, and let’s face it not a lot of time to do those things. Here are 5 apps to help you manage this holiday season.


  1. To help you track those packages
    • With the holiday season comes tons of packages that need to be ordered and tons that need to be delivered, and delivered on time. Parcel is the perfect app for tracking those packages. Parcel shows you the route your package has taken and the expected date. It also keeps all your packages in the app so you don’t have to worry about writing down tracking numbers or sifting through emails to track your packages. Unfortunately, Parcel is only available for Apple products. If you don’t own an Apple product, you could also try Slice.


2. For those last-minute grocery needs

  • We’re all super busy and often we get home and start cooking and realize that we forgot something we meant to get while at the market. That’s where InstaCart steps in. InstaCart is an app that will deliver your groceries in as little as an hour. They have a variety of stores to chose from and you can get your delivery whenever you want. You won’t have to worry about getting groceries while preparing gifts, dinner, or taking care of the kids. InstaCart is available in a variety of cities and they even have coupons so you can save some money while grocery shopping. InstaCart is available for Apple and Android products.

3. To help you straighten out those finances during or after the holiday season

  • The holidays take a huge financial toll. While they’re fun, they cost us a lot of money. We have to spend money on things like groceries, decorations, gifts. During the holidays, we may even find ourselves in a little bit of a hole with our money. If you need to create a budget and monitor your expenses Mint is the app you’ll need this holiday season, and year-round. Mint even tells you when your bills due, how much is due, and how much you can pay. Mint is a one-stop financial shop to help you save and track your spending. Mint is available on all devices.

4. To help you get organized and stay organized

  • We just don’t have enough time during the holidays to get everything done. We often forget about things or do other things that could wait. Todoist is the perfect app for getting organized during the holidays. So, you schedule a time to wrap those packages and even assign chores to everyone in your house, friends, or other family members. It also sends reminders so you won’t forget what you’re supposed to do. Todoist is available on all platforms, and even online.

5. To help you relax during the holidays

  • This time of year, while cheerful, can be extremely stressful. We have a million things to do and not enough time to do it. We’re buying gifts for others and often forget about ourselves. Zen is a great meditation app. Meditation has proven to decrease stress and improve productivity. In order to not lose your mind, try Zen this holiday season. You could also do yoga, color, or go out for drinks with your girls. Whatever helps you to de-stress. Zen is available on all platforms.

by Angela

Right swiping for new girlfriends

May 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

By now everyone knows how swiping works. If you don’t, you swipe right for someone you’re interested in and left swipe for that person that’s so weird you don’t even want to give a chance. I can’t speak for everyone else but I’m over mostly left swiping and then right swiping and receiving extremely strange messages.

However, a new app is getting rid of all of the creepiness. Hey! VINA is NOT a dating app but more so a friend making app with Tinder’s right and left swiping integrated. It’s an app strictly for women to meet some other amazing women so you can add more to your friendship circle.
Hey! VINA calls themselves the tinder for girlfriends. The app was developed in the Summer of 2015 and they have a belief that all it takes is one friend to change your whole life. They work hand-in-hand with Tinder. Actually, Tinder saw how much women loved the app and how it became a hit overnight that they’re actually investing in the app. Vina actually means girlfriend and the app gives you just that.

It’s super simple to use and if you’ve used Tinder this will be a breeze. Simply create an account with your Facebook account, or email, make a profile, take a few short quizzes if you want, and you can left and right swipe your way into new friendships. There have been tons of success stories with Vina which is exciting.
If you’re interested in swiping your way towards new friendships, Hey! VINA can be found in both the Apple and Android stores and you can check out their website for more information.